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About Fit Foods

Fit Foods was established in 2014 by Catalina Ahlip , Fitness veteran with numerous certifications in health and exercise systems, fitness competitor, mother of 3 and now a self made Chef with a great passion for cooking healthy flavorful meals . The Fit Foods concept was developed with the intention of providing healthy meals but most importantly educating the community about healthy eating habits.

3 Day Body Cleanse

The aim of Fit Foods is to show that eating healthy can be delicious, and you can easily make it part of your lifestyle.  The Meals offered at Fit Foods on a daily basis includes Breakfast and Lunch with Vegan/Gluten Free Artisan bakes and treats.  

In addition to the daily specials we also offer a variety of Weight loss/ Wellness/ Detoxification Programs such as the "Better You Meal Plan" and "Revitalizing Body Detox", just to name a few . 

Fresh Cold Pressed Juices are available and produced daily from beautifully selected fresh fruits and vegetables, which are extracted in its purest form with no oxidation taking place (as with blenders and other types of centrifuge based juicers), keeping the vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and nutrients completely intact.


The Menu at Fit Foods is like no other, it consists of real nutrition; fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and lean proteins that are free of hormones and antibiotics. You will find a wide range of items to suit every palate from the strictest Vegan, the Caveman meat eater, the Energetic Keto, to the Sweet tooth indulgers.  All the bakes and treats are Vegan and Gluten Free, and are made with flours that are plant and nut based, and sweetened only with natural honey, pure maple syrup and coconut sugar.

3 Day Body Cleanse

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